dinsdag 9 augustus 2016

~* Anne-Sophie*~

Mijn lieve vriendin .. ik denk aan jullie op deze vreselijke dag...
De hemel krijgt er een Engel bij vandaag.. 

 ~* Anne-Sophie*~
36 weken oud

I’m a small voice from heaven;
I’m the one you waited for.
Right now your heart is broken;
you expected so much more.
Only God knows the reason;
my feet never touched the earth.
Why He called me home again,
before I ever reached my birth.

Still, I know my life had meaning,
you must know that too.
I was the murmur beneath your heart;
the purest part of you.
I truly feel that I was blessed,
even if my part was small.
I felt all the love you had for me,
because you gave me all.

This world wasn’t meant for me,
I needed more to survive.
But Heaven is total perfection;
so someone like me will thrive.
We’re created to serve a purpose;
mine is to watch over you.
 I was born to be an Angel;
           I'll be with you in all that you do.    

When your purpose is fulfilled
and your path on earth is complete,
I will run into your arms;
I’ll feel the earth beneath my feet.
I'll be wearing my little Angel Gown
I’ll be wearing it today,
And although I’ll be in heaven;
you know "I’m never far away!"

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